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Stretch your wings to the expanse of the world to conquer your dream of building a strong career with Massive Education. At Massive, we will help the students to experience the vast globe without the hindrances of distance. From counseling to submitting their forms to the authorities, we will stand with them in every step of erecting their dream of flying.

Massive Education always works as a catalyst for the aspirants to reach their career easily. Our transparent services are capable of lending a hand to make the right decision. Forget about the dilemma you have, we are here to wipe out all your doubts and queries regarding overseas education needs. Indian students have to find solutions for cultural, financial, and educational scenarios. For both undergraduates and postgraduates, Massive can provide the best service to those hopeful students.

Education is the major material for building a strong basement. Massive education& consultant knows the value of your future and career. Hence, we reduce the procedures making it easy for you to follow the steps. Our vision itself states that lead the aspirants to the right path and they can conquer the world. Pave a better foundation for an excellent future.


Massive Education is Best Education consultancy in Bhopal India and Study guides thousands of students towards a thriving future by providing them an excellent education in the abroad. Choose among more than 10+ countries to achieve a bright career.








After observing your profile, the experts at Massive Education will assist you to choose a suitable career for you considering the educational interest and financial background comprehensively.


A proper documentation is needed in order to make your journey smoothly. So, Massive Education will verify your documents as per the procedures before submitting it.


Massive Education will scrutinize your document and will submit without errors for the further process. We will make sure of its accuracy and submit it.


You can invest your trust in us for that Massive Education reward you with the deliverance to your dream destination for study.


  • Maintain quality standard by compliance of quality services to student and education provider.
  • To provide value and quality to student and education provider.
  • We are bridging the gap between students and international institutions which open its door to higher learning.
  • To give relevant, accurate, accurate and comprehensive information and advice from our personal and organisational skill after getting student personal profile, preference, objective and background.
  • To Maintain consistency for fair and strict application of rules, impartiality and fairness in decision for ethical guidance.
  • To make sure to meet all the contractual obligations with education institution, particularly in relation to marketing, recruitment and information given to the students.
  • To understand the socio-economic backgrounds of the student who may have different preferences regarding the balance between course and qualit

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frequently asked questions

Every foreign University/College has their intakes during a year. Some have two intakes while others may have three or only one or a rolling intake during the academic year. Majority Institutions in a particular country follow the same intake. Hence, you should initiate steps for admission process at least one year in advance for the respective intake. In some cases, you could begin these steps 3-4 months in advance as well.

An application package consists of the material required by the University. It consists of Application forms Application fees Recommendations Transcripts and mark sheets Essays Financial aid form

Every University has it’s set of eligibility criteria which mostly includes minimum academic requirements, English language and entrance test requirements, relevant work experience etc.Your education counsellor can help you identify relevant programs as per your profile

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