How the Indian health care system dealt with the covid terror

– Shubhra SPM

The health care system of India has proved to be very efficient and robust as we observe the transition from the period of early corona stages to the post corona era. The world is slowly healing from the tragedy of the coronavirus. It wasn’t long ago that the whole world seemed distressed but with the expertise of our medical warriors, the doctors and nurses, we have sought to bring change. With the covid cases per day dropping stealthily, we finally realise how efficiently the Indian health care system handled the situation. 

Despite the fact that the whole world was suffering, the health care system of India was facing a whole different battle. With a population of over 138 crore people, the horror was way more than that of other countries and the health care system of India deserves a standing ovation on how they dealt with this hazardous situation of panic and terror.

India began taking all required measures in a timely manner, including border security, and rescue operations of stranded citizens. Huge community monitoring via a rigorous disease system, health infrastructure reinforcing has been ensured. With training programmes of over two million frontline human resources, crisis communication, and community participation things are finally in control. Every citizen with the health care system of India ensured to do their bits in this fight.

India and other countries

India is a 3rd world country and even with a population of over One Hundred and thirty-eight crore people (138 crores). The country has led a great battle of bringing the daily cases to 12,000 from a terrible condition of 4 lakh cases per day in May 2021. There are first world countries like Amsterdam with not even one-tenth of what is the population of India recording 10 thousand cases per day. tells us how systematically the health care system has worked to fight the virus. Our health care officers and our citizens have been vigilant about the situation and worked accordingly in everyone’s welfare. 

Coronavirus pandemic live updates: Active cases in country lowest in 262 days

toi – Nov 08, 2021

Given the overwhelming population of the country, the health care system of India has done a tremendous job in safeguarding its people from the deadly virus. The corona cases might have surged with the timely covid19 waves, but with the doctors and the health care system of India syncing along with the needs of the people, making the citizens follow the covid norms and precautions systematically, and ensuring free vaccination for every citizen. 

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