MBBS in Poland

Study MBBS in Poland

Since 2010, Poland has became the best choice for Indian students for pursuing MBBS abroad due to high quality of medical education, low tuition fees structure & high growth rate after completing MBBS in Poland.

From last 5 years, more than 7000 students are already studying medicine in Poland. Now a days, many students from India are preferring to opt for MBBS in Poland over India.

The Poland medical schools are some of the most reputable medical schools around the world. The degree from Poland medical universities is a globally recognized and the students are eligible to appear for the MCI screening test.

MBBS in Poland is facilitating Indian students with top medical universities which are recognized by MCI (Medical Council of India) & accredited by the Ministry of Education & Science and the Ministry of Health. MBBS admission in Poland is a smooth and easy process with us, so that students can apply directly to the selected top medical universities or colleges without any hassle.

Admission Procedure: for Studying MBBS in Poland

    • Every year, in the month of May or June, most of the medical colleges or universities in Poland start their admission process.
    • Immediately after getting the results of the higher secondary exam, Indian students can apply for studying MBBS in Poland.

    The admission process is as follows:-

    • Students should send the application seeking admission along with all necessary credentials such as a copy of a valid passport, certificates of educational qualification.
    • The international applications are processed quickly by medical universities. Students will receive the confirmation (if qualified, or rejection) in a week’s time.
    • Once the students receive confirmation they will need to send the documents along with passport for Visa to the embassy for student’s visa.
    • Students will get the confirmation letter and admission letter from the respective university.

Eligibility Criteria for Students: For MBBS Course in Poland

  • To study MBBS in Poland, the minimum age is 17 years and the maximum age is 25 years.
  • Candidates must have obtained 60% minimum marks with science as the background in the higher secondary examination.
  • Candidates must have taken proper school education in 10+2 pattern.
  • In the higher secondary level, candidates must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Botany and Zoology.
  • To enroll for ‘MBBS in Poland’, candidates must have qualified NEET exam.

Accommodation in Poland

  • In European countries finding an accommodation is very easy and convenient. They are even cheaper, it is because of that wages in Poland are much lower, student from abroad or job persons will not have a problem in finding a good place for living at affordable price. Polish cities are full of density so student can usually find a place to live as they like and feel comfortable.
  • Students who are studying MBBS in Poland University can easily get accommodation, and students who will take admission with us can also be provided accommodation from us which is not expensive.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Poland

  • Coaching for FMGE / MCI Screening Test is provided including mock test during MBBS in Poland.
  • Best medical colleges in Poland are recognized by – MCI & WHO.
  • IELTS & TOEFL is not required to study MBBS in Poland.
  • One internships at very reputable government & private hospitals.
  • All top medical universities in Poland offers high quality of education in english medium .
  • Study medicine course in Poland without donation & capitation fees.
  • Best MBBS colleges in Poland are among world ranked universities.
  • Affordable low tuition fees structure for MBBS course in Poland.
  • MBBS admission process in Poland is very simple & easy as it does not require any entrance exam.
  • Globally recognized medical degree after graduation.
  • MBBS Scholarships in Poland are provided to some deserving students.
  • Students who are applying for MBBS Degree in Poland are Eligible for various licensing exam such as MCI Screening Test, USMLE-1, PLAB in UK etc.
  • Very Moderate weather Condition in Poland as compared to other countries.

Why you Should Opt for MBBS in Poland?

  • Listed in world directory of medical colleges.
  • No entrance exam.
  • Top Universities facilitates students with high quality of education system.
  • The fee structure of MBBS courses in Poland is very cheap & affordable.
  • One Year Internship with quality government & private hospitals.
  • All the medical colleges in the Poland follow English medium of instruction.
  • The medical colleges of Poland are very popular due to their highly experienced staff in the field of medicine.
  • The Poland medical degree is a globally recognized degree.
  • Poland offers a blue card work permit for students who have completed their MBBS degree so that they can get a job and settle down as well in this country.
  • All medical universities in Poland are recognized and approved by international bodies such as WHO & MCI.
  • It is easier to get admission for PG after MBBS in Poland in comparison to get admission in India for PG.

MBBS in Poland – Is it Safe for Indian Students?

  • In recent surveys, it has been observed that students who are already studying in Poland feels safe & secure without any hassle.
  • Although, you can verify the Poland rank where stands in the safety department & also check the crime rates against Indian students if any.
  • Before applying to any course in abroad, you should visit some forums to check the review of Indian students about their experiences who are already pursuing MBBS in Poland.

Top Medical Universities in Poland

 Gdańsk Medical University, Poland

Gdańsk Medical University was founded on October 8, 1945. The university has an old tradition for practicing medicine, teaching in medical and natural science monitored by eminent experts of respective subjects.

As per Perspektywy ranking, it is the best medical school in a country & ranked among top 10 Polish state universities.

The Gdańsk Medical University educates 6000 students out of them some of Ph.D. students, postgraduate students and undergraduate students. The university is a part of International Research Agenda program provided by foundation of Polish science.

University has a Medical Simulation Center, modern sports center and student’s club association to organize the activities like student exchange programs, press, conferences, etc.

Poznan University of Medical Science, Poland

Poznan Medical University is the 95 years old university of medical science in Poland providing excellent academic excellence and dynamic growth for medical students. The university is one of the leading medical school in Poland recognized as the largest educational, clinical and research center in Poland.

Poznan Medical University conducts ongoing research and clinical teaching in partnership with 6 clinical hospitals.

Around 8000 students including 1000 international students are enrolled for a medical course at the university. The university has joint research and participation in international programs, research projects, scientific conferences through student and faculty exchange programs.

Every year university invests upgrading teaching methodology which reflects the current advances in medical technology.

Medical University of Lodz, Poland

The Medical University of Lodz was founded on 27th July 2002 by the Parliament of Poland. Today, over 770 students from various countries study medicine at the Medical University of Lodz.

The programs are taught in English language and accepted internationally. The university has 4 teaching hospitals with 1600 beds affiliated to constitute department for highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services.

Professor Andrzej Lewinski was the first rector of Medical University of Lodz institutions by the agreement of Ministry of Health. The university also listed in the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) which provides information about international medical school.

A vision of the Institute

  • To become an effectively managed organization building highly skilled specialist for the society.
  • To conduct outstanding research and training programme for the graduates.
  • To make a substantial contribution to the development of the Healthcare system.
  • To produce highly desirable and skilled professionals to observe the requirement of professional ethics.

Jagiellonian University Medical College, Poland

Jagiellonian University is the oldest university in Poland having significant achievements in modern times. The university was founded in Krakow city by the king Kazimierz. Jagiellonian University has a history of 600 years with a date of 12th May 1364 .

In the year of 1993, the university has established a 3 medical faculties including the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and the Department of health protection. In the year 1400, the university is renovated with four faculties.

In 1950, all the medical departments in Poland are separated from universities and evolved as independent institutions-medical academies. Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Science formed the medical college. Jan Kro was the first physician elected as the rector of a medical institute.


Medical University of Lublin, Poland

Medical University of Lublin was founded on October 24, 1949, by the cabinet’s decree. The university educates the graduates and doctoral candidates in the field of medical pharmaceutical and health sciences. The university also encourages the students to participate in a training program conducted in public research centers.

Today, the university has 7000 students out of which 1000 are the foreign students from 53 countries. The Medical University of Lublin offers the specialization programs in the field of medical analytics, biomedicine, physiotherapy, pharmacy, dental hygiene, dentistry, nursing, emergency medicine and public health.

The programmes at Medical University of Lublin are approved by Central Council for Science and Higher Education, Poland. In the year of 2000, the Medical Academy Lublin Library was founded at Szkolna 18 street.

A vision of the Institute

  • To establish tradition and modernity for developing competent medical professionals.
  • To participate in ongoing research projects encouraging the student research activities.

Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

The Medical University of Bialystok is a modern dynamically developed public university that provides the medical programs for professionals, undergraduates and graduates at the highest international levels. The university implements innovative application solutions thereby providing medical services to meet the social needs.

Scientific and research development programs by providing the training in different fields. The university carries many of the scientific research for the region and country.

The ultra-modern scientific and didactic base of the university includes the pharmacy center, scientific center, clinical research center, faculty of health science, experimental medicine center, innovative research center, bioinformatics center.

The university has a full-time 111 professors, 153 habilitated doctors, 800 academic teachers who invested their hard work in the medical simulation centers etc.

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